Dead pen

I was in one of the labs yesterday trying to find the version number of a hardware driver. It was not that complex (, but we thought it safest to write it down with a pen. There was no pen on the desk! There was no pen in the cupboard! Finally, I found a pen hiding in plain sight on the one of the tables, but it was dead! It was the deadiest dead dead pen you’ve ever seen! It should’ve been a black retractable ball point pen, although possibly it should’ve been blue. In any case, it wasn’t even pretending to half work.

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Lost pen

I was walking away from Coli yesterday to get afternoon tea, when I discovered on the ground a blue Stabilo pen, one of the ones that are so common around here. I do not know whose it was, but left it there to fend for itself on the cold wet ground.

(Btw: I’ve decided to go for daily updates from now on. It’s just difficult to find two occasions of bloggable pens a day, without repeating myself.)

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Retractable pens

I was looking for an axle yesterday, and discovered two pens: A pizza pen, and another arbitrary retractable ballpoint pen.

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Old pens

I emptied a box while cleaning, and discovered a cheap branded pen in it. It was a blue retractable ballpoint. I’m pretty sure I accidentally took it away from somewhere at some point.

(Today is the Tristian feast of Tristmas Day.)

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Pizza Pen redux

My flatmate stole my usual place in the lounge room earlier today. On the coffee table, he left another pizza pen. I don’t know how it compared to the Pope’s pizza pen, but compared to mine it had the additional text “Die Auswahl”, meaning “the selection”.

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Farewell pen

One of the Bachelor’s students here, H¹, is about to leave. C¹, another bachelor’s student asked me to write in her book of farewells. C¹ gave me a pen to write with: it was a black Stabilo ball pen. It seemed slightly more expensive than it seemed.

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Celebrity pens

I was watching this video last night and Steven Colbert was very clearly holding a pen. I would suppose it was a cheap black ballpoint pen.

I realise that by making this post I may associate myself with something that’s funny and therefore not boring, and that I therefore run the risk of not being the most boring blog in the world. But that’s okay, because I got more hits yesterday than übergestern, so apparently I’m getting less boring as I go along, and therefore I’m failing anyway.

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