Administrative pens

I had to go to a government office and deal with something yesterday, and I needed to sign a page. I randomly picked up a retractable black ballpoint ben with an expanding-and-contracting shape. Then, afterwards, I went to a newsagency where I saw lots of pens, but I didn’t buy any; I didn’t even really look at them. They were not my main interest at the time.

As for today, I am shortly going to leave for a plane. I hope it takes off before the end of the runway, doesn’t randomly fall out of the sky, and manages to stop before the end of the other runway. Flying for a whole (albeit foreshortened) day will mean no blog-posts tomorrow. I tell all of my two readers that.


About Felix the Cassowary

I am a Cassowary of the species Casuarius victoriensis. I blog about pens I find lying around.
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