Party pen

Yesterday, I was at a pseudo end-of-semester/summer party at my supervisor’s place. There was a pen sitting on the bench. The actual pen’s outside was black and the shape was symetrical, widest in the middle and tapering off on both sides. It had a silver metal ring in the middle so I suppose it was retractable. In general, the pen reminded me of the pens they had at the bank mum used to go to when we were kids, though it lacked a chain and probably wasn’t expected to be stolen.

I suppose the pen had been used to write the note that said “We’re at the riverside”, which obviously didn’t happen because of the threatening rain which threatened more than it rained, and on this basis I can conclude that the pen was probably blue.


About Felix the Cassowary

I am a Cassowary of the species Casuarius victoriensis. I blog about pens I find lying around.
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