Miscellaneous pens

I discovered two Stabilo point 88 pens (one black, one red) in my miscellaneous things draw. I’d forgotten I had them/put them there. I’ve actually found them pretty poor pens; I used the blue one I’d bought at the same time once (writing on a bus) and the tip had already receded back into the pen, making it useless. I wouldn’t’ve described myself as a pen pusher; I rarely have a sore hand after writing an exam.

There’s also a few greylead pencils in the same draw. I knew they were there; I merely wish to take this moment to observe that this blog does not cover pencils, as they are not a kind of pen.


About Felix the Cassowary

I am a Cassowary of the species Casuarius victoriensis. I blog about pens I find lying around.
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One Response to Miscellaneous pens

  1. sprbodj says:

    So, is a marker a pen? Could you perhaps post what exactly constitutes a pen?

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