Absent pens

Two days in a row, K¹ has come into my office and asked (me and my office-mate) for a pen. The first day, I had had the same problem, but solved it by purchasing a pen which will live in my office. It’s a black Uni-Ball Eye Micro; I also bought a blue one to live in my backpack (in addition the blue one I already have at home). The second day, I noticed she took a black Stabilo point 88 pen from F³’s pencil case. Pens are highly useful people! You can have too many pens, but keeping one where you need it strikes me as a great way to always have one with you.


About Felix the Cassowary

I am a Cassowary of the species Casuarius victoriensis. I blog about pens I find lying around.
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2 Responses to Absent pens

  1. Andreas says:

    YOU ARE PURE GENIUS!!! (FtC: Edited to better reflect Andreas’s true thoughts.)

  2. sprbodj says:

    We woudn’t want to be caught without one now, would we?

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