OT: Flying bloggers

Today, I’m lost somewhere between airports. It’s unlikely I’ll see any random pens, but even if I do, there’s little chance of also having internet access before I forget. (Note that this day will have less then twenty-four hours in it, but I get them back in a few weeks.)

Anyway, for this reason, I’ll do an off-topic post with nothing to do with pens. Seeing as I’m heading back to civilisation, I’ll let people know how Aussie I am. Below the break, you can see why I have 51 no’s and 44 yes’s and a few unknowns. Apparently I’m less than half Australian, but that’s only because I’m so Melburnian.

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Administrative pens

I had to go to a government office and deal with something yesterday, and I needed to sign a page. I randomly picked up a retractable black ballpoint ben with an expanding-and-contracting shape. Then, afterwards, I went to a newsagency where I saw lots of pens, but I didn’t buy any; I didn’t even really look at them. They were not my main interest at the time.

As for today, I am shortly going to leave for a plane. I hope it takes off before the end of the runway, doesn’t randomly fall out of the sky, and manages to stop before the end of the other runway. Flying for a whole (albeit foreshortened) day will mean no blog-posts tomorrow. I tell all of my two readers that.

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Party pen

We were having a random party the other day, celebrating my birthday and moving in and people going away and who knows what else. People bought a birthday present and card for me, and signed it with a pen, which was found lying around in the hand of one of the various people: it was a blue ballpoint pen with comfort grip, and it was pretty nice; it wrote on my hand without any noticeable feeling (aside from having something rub it). It seems a decent sort of a pen to have had lying around.

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Credit card pen

I bought some wine and cider for a couple of parties over the weekend. I had no cash with me, so I paid with my credit card. I had to sign for it, and they gave me a black ballpoint pen to do so. Once more, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

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Email pens

No, I didn’t email a pen to anyone. But I was at an English-speakers’ Stammtisch a few nights ago, and I gave a couple of people my email address so they could email me. I borrowed the pen of one of these people; it was an orange retractable ballpoint pen with black ink.

Later that evening, someone else wanted a pen. The first pen offered was the same one, but a person closer was able to offer a pen just fast enough that the person who wanted it took it. I didn’t get a chance to see it properly, but I suppose it was a retractable ballpoint pen too.

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Pen of agreement

I was participating in an information-gathering-session with H¹ the other day, and she gave me a pen to sign that I had received the €5 fee. I think the pen itself was orange in color, altho the ink was dark. It was just a ballpoint pen. I didn’t stop to investigate it.

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Lots of pens

I was at ?’s place the other day, picking up some of her furniture that me and flatmate were buying. She had three of the Stabilo pens that are really common around here, except in different colors (a purply color, one I forget so it was probably red/black/blue, and one that was “neon” yellow), but she also had a mug on one of her shelves that had a large collection of pens in it, including a pizza pen.

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